David Malinowski, Ph.D., is Language Technology and Research Specialist with the Center for Language Study at Yale University. With a background in language and literacy education, multimodality and communication, and technology-enhanced learning, David conducts research on situated practices of language learning and use. His particular interest lies in understanding the role and effects of various cultural, physical, and ideological mediums on learning: language as material and social semiotic; the digital and physical objects of classroom and home, environmental and situational affordances, and the body as locus of thought, affect, and action.

Recent publications, projects, and workshops take up these concerns in internet-mediated intercultural language learning (telecollaboration) and course sharing with classroom-to-classroom videoconferencing, on one hand, and community-based language learning in the linguistic landscape, on the other. In the context of rapid social transformations and the blurring of boundaries between virtuality and physicality, classroom and community, he maintains that two questions of growing urgency are what “being there” means in L2 learning and teaching today, and why it matters.

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